Monday, September 15, 2014

Mitchell, South Dakota here we come

We left out early this morning heading to Mitchell, SD.  We will spend one night here.
This is a terrible picture, but I have never seen this many tires on one rig!  This truck was hauling two dump truck beds.  Notice anything odd about these dump trucks?  They dump sideways!  19 tires on just one side....that's a lot of tires!
We stopped at R&R Campground here in Mitchell.
This was a nice and surprisingly quiet campground. It is right off Hwy 90 and you would think it would noisy but nope.
                                                                            Our site.
The first thing we went to see in Mitchell was the Corn Palace.  Unfortunately again we were here at the wrong time.  They were doing some remodeling and changing out the pictures.  All of the murals are made out of corn on the cob, 3000 bushels of oat heads, sour dock and rye tied into bundles.  It was interesting to see the drawings up there with everything marked the colors to be used.  It was paint by corn cob instead of numbers.
They use over 275,000 ears of corn that have been cut in half.  That's a lot of corn!

                                                    All of the colors are natural also.

These murals are massive.  Pictures don't do them justice.
After leaving the palace, we headed to the Prehistoric Indian Village and Archeodome.

 This is a replica of the homes these Indians lived in over 1,000 years ago.
 The area is a gold mine of artifacts
 This is a Bison skeleton.  I always thought the hump on their back was a fatty mass kind of like a camels.  Those rib like bones sticking up look prehistoric.
 This is the actual dig site that they have found all the artifacts displayed in this museum.
This little fellow stuck his head out to let us know that live things still live there.  I think this tiny thing is a chipmunk.  It is a lot smaller than ones I have seen before.
It's late and we have another long day tomorrow.  Later