Thursday, September 11, 2014

Joplin, Mo

Tonight we are stopped at Red Barn RV Park in Joplin, Mo.  Libbie had to remind me that we are in tornado alley tonight and we are expecting rain.  So far all we have had was a sprinkle and some cooler air move in.  So far, so good.

 Buddy gets real nervous while we are traveling.  Can you tell?
                                            Nestled in and ready to see what is in this area.
                                                    Office at Big Red Barn Joplin MO
 I love this little vignette.  It needs to be painted, don't you think??

Before we left Springhill Campground, Libbie managed to take a fall and sprain her wrist.  She said she had no idea what happened.  She was outside the motorhome, walking the dog.  I guess the ground jumped up and knocked her off her feet.  Got to watch those no-see-ums.  The take on all kind of forms.  Some are bugs and some are "things" that jump up out of the ground and take you down before you know it.  I gave her my wrist bandage I use when my carpel tunnel is acting up.  She is taking ibuprofen and I am sure will be a new woman in a few days.  Of course tonight she is finding sore muscles where she didn't know she even had muscles.

We will head towards Kansas City in the morning.
Later..... will add pictures in the morning.  I forgot to take them when we got here.  I guess I was having so much fun I forgot all about it.