Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What a day!!!

Did I mention yesterday that we had to have a tire repaired.  They found 2 holes and repaired it.  Well we got maybe 25 miles down the road (not even out of Houston lol) and the tire blew!  Boy was that loud.  The tire monitor alarm went off and I had time to get it, look and read the numbers to Doug (108 psi with 98F)  and it blew.
 The entire center tread was gone!  Poof!  Or should I say Pow!!!
 We were on Hwy 59 and Doug managed to get off the hwy. and onto Lowes parking lot.
We were very lucky that there wasn't more damage than there was.

 The tire pieces flew up and hit this window awning.  It completely sheered the bolts off.  It has an odd angle to it now.  Doug tried to just take it off but the way it sheered the pins, it wouldn't budge.

The tire left black marks on the walls of the RV and then flew over the car, missing it completely.  We were very lucky that it didn't hit anyone else either.
We called Good Sam Road Assistance and Doug stressed out about it.  Can you tell?

They said someone would be there in 90 minutes to change out the tire and they were there in that time frame.  Good Sam only deals with Goodyear tires so see my pretty new $658.00 tire!  Of course that includes mounting and anything else they can think of.  Good Sam pays for the service call and mileage.  I am sure that one of the first things we will do after we get home, is to purchase 3 more tires.  The front 2 had already been replaced before we started the trip.  That just leaves these last 3 on the back.  Might as well bite the bullet and get it over with.  I sure don't want another day like today.
This is how Doug rigged up the awning.  Since he couldn't get it off, he put black tape over the sheered pins and used bungee cords to secure the awning.  That looks really nice doesn't it.  We are going to have a lot of repair work and replacements to do while we are home.  I want those last 3 tires replaced before we leave again.  This wasn't fun at all.
We stopped several times because the alarm kept going off saying the psi was too high.  It was very hot today and the temps of the tires were all high.  Doug let some air out of the tires to lower the psi.  Between waiting on the tire repair and the stops to check on the tires, we didn't get to our campsite til 7:00 tonight.  We never stay on the road that late. Bummer!  Doug wanted to make it to Shreveport.  We are stopped at Southern Living RV outside of Shreveport.  This is our usual stop on the way to Houston.  It is a nice clean park with easy on and off.  There is a Flying J right down the road for fill ups and it has a Dennys for people fill ups.  When I called to make sure they had a spot for us, they had already closed the office.  She told us to pick out a spot to the left of the office and we would settle up in the morning.   These are pull through sites.  We plugged in but didn't put the slide out.  That is too much trouble for just one night.  Well it isn't trouble, I am just too lazy to do it.  Besides if we don't put the slide out, we don't have to put the jacks down.  When we are staying for just one night, I just don't see the need to do all that stuff.
Well that was my day... hope yours was better.  I hope mine is better tomorrow.