Thursday, August 28, 2014

Something to talk about

This will be one of those "oh dear" posts.  No one wants to talk about it, but everyone should.  Today Doug went for his colonoscopy.  The dreaded 2 days of nothing but clear liquids, followed up my the invasion of his privacy.  LOL
He looks to happy right now doesn't he.  Well this is the before picture.
                                                                   This is the after.
 Quite a difference isn't there.  He wasn't too perky and had some stomach pain at first, but after about an hour, he was fine.  They did find a polyp and removed it.  This is why I write about this today.  Polyps are mostly benign, but can turn cancerous if left alone.  Everyone needs to have this dreaded test.  It's more of an inconvenience than anything else.  It's not too much to ask,  since it's every 5 years.  Less often,  if you have no pertinent history.  My turn comes in November.  Make your appointment today.  It could save your life and give you more time to travel!
The test was done around 8:00 this morning and by this evening he was ready to eat and eat well.
This is a prime rib from  Colonial steakhouse, here in town.  Much too big for one person to eat.  Doug tried but we brought home a roast size piece of meat.  I think I will make a roast out of it.  LOL  Just add carrots, potatoes and onions and it's done.
   My huge steak looks puny next to his. (Notice my plate has room for potato, his is on another plate)
This is what happens when you are home doing nothing but getting ready to leave on your next trip.  You fill you days with doctor appointments, tests and eat.