Friday, August 8, 2014

Home and it's hectic!

We are still unloading the RV.  There is so much to do.  It's the only thing I don't like about traveling this way.  So much to bring back into the house.  I have the clothes and some of the food put up but still have the refrigerator to empty.  Doug came home to a leaky hose on his tractor.  He was trying to put it on the trailer and it started to rain.  He backed into the garage to get out of the rain to tie it down and knocked a long bracer board off the house!  This is going to be fun trying to get that back up.

It's pretty long!

I don't think it damaged our brand new garage door.  I am afraid to close it right now to see.  He went ahead (after we got the board off the tractor and the tractor out of the garage) and took it to the shop to get the hose replaced.  Before he could leave he had a flat on the trailer and scraped his ankle on a nail from the board.  WHY DID WE COME HOME????  Someone tell me!

I had to stop unloading the RV while the rain poured.  I used the time to make some much needed appointments while we are home.  I am past due for an eye exam, mammogram and the HHR has to have the recall fixed.  I got appointments for first two, but they have to order the parts for the ignition recall.  You would think they would have these in stock.  We called before we left and they were suppose to go ahead and order them but I guess they dropped the ball on that one.  Oh well, hope they come in before we leave again.  Now to get Doug to make his appointments.