Saturday, August 2, 2014

Food food and more food but not on the same day

Hasn't been a lot going on here. But we have gone to some pretty good places to eat.  Mike took us to an authentic Mexican deli.  This isn't Tex-Mex, or so he tells me.
 This is a couple of tacos.  Doesn't look like anything that you get at Taco Bell!  The pink stuff was a pickled onion.  It was too spicy for me to try.
 This is a grilled pork and cheese sandwich.  It was served with pickled vegetables.  The sandwich was very good.  It reminded me of a cuban sandwich.
 This was a pineapple and pork sandwich.  Doug said it was very good also.
Mikes sandwich had a lot of peppers on it.  It had him sweating in no time.  Too hot for me!  All of the sandwiches came with a type of noodle soup.  It had a very mild flavor and was good.

 Our favorite place to eat Chinese is the Green Garden.  This small restaurant is in a small shopping center.  A gem waiting to be found.  We have eaten here several times and have always loved everything we tried.

 This dish is called Happy Family.  It does make you happy.  There is pork, beef, chicken, scallops and shrimp mixed with vegetables.  Loved this.  The carrot rose was a nice touch, but I didn't eat it.  I don't like carrots that much.  lol Besides, they are really just to look at aren't they?
                                                        This dish is Mongolian Beef.  Basically just beef with onions and bamboo shoots.
                                                    Of course we had pork egg rolls,
and fried rice!  Their food is always so good and there are always leftovers for later.
Enough about food.  Now the stuff!  We had a cloudy day today.  But the best part was the low humidity and the cool breeze.  It felt more like Amarillo than Houston.  Loved the weather today.  This morning the sky was full of small private planes.  They were enjoying the mild weather too.  There was even a biplane.  Another was an older plane that looked like the fighter planes in the old movies.  I wanted to get a picture of all of them.  There were about 5 of them flying around in circles.  But my camera just wasn't good enough to get a decent shot of them.  Time for a new camera.. hmmm
 Since it was so nice outside, I actually stayed out long enough to take a few pictures of some of the flowers around the campground.

 Same kind as the pink flower.

I finished the dress for Ashlynn.  Well it's not finished, I still have to hem it and put the zipper in.  But I want her to try it on before I do that.  I will mail it to her and make sure its going to fit ok, then I can finish.  I am no seamstress so if this dress lasts long enough for her to wear it a couple of times, I will be real surprised.  This is a back-up dress for her to wear while her "real" one gets an adjustment done.  It was fun but I think I remember now why I quit sewing some 30+ years ago.