Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Settled in at Westlake

We are settled in at Westlake RV Resort in Houston.  But let me tell you what happened yesterday.  We got set up at Jellystone yesterday and I went to get the key out of the car and it was dead. Not only that but it was locked up.  I made the mistake of putting it in park trying to get it started and it wouldn't budge.  I had the dreaded task of telling Doug I had really screwed up this time.  As long as the car is locked up in park, we aren't going anywhere!  He piddled with it and finally got it back in neutral so that we could at least travel.  But it was still dead.  I don't really know what happened.  My best guess is that I didn't get the switch in the right position for traveling and it drained the battery.  Doug took it out and had it tested and the battery is fine it was just low.  Taking the battery out of an HHR isn't the easiest thing in the world.  You have to take the floor up (which just lifts) then there is a storage compartment under that that you lift up.  That is where the spare tire rests.  You have to take it out so that you can get to the battery.  Why didn't they put the battery in the front with the engine like everyone else does?  Oh well, now Doug is charging it and we will see.  Hopefully it was just the switch and nothing else has gone wrong.  We also had a tire that kept setting the alarm off on the sensors.  It was very low before we left Amarillo.  I thought maybe it was just because we had been there for over a month.  PSI was 45 and should have been 90.  Doug aired it up and off we went.  Well before we left Jellystone, he turned on the sensors and it was low again. Hmmm   He aired it up again and got it a little too high.  This time as the tires heated up, that tires PSI got up to 108.  Just the amount that sets the sensor off again.  It was too high.  Temperature was fine so we just watched it and Doug let some more air out when we stopped. It was 93 when cool.  Picky little things aren't they.
I know we need to replace the back tires on the motorhome.  We only replaced the front ones.  So I guess after this we will have to budget that.  
Here are some more random pics
                                              Logan looking like a sport in his new cap.

                                            Ashlynn and Peepaw playing before we left.
Doug wearing the roll-up sun glasses they gave him at the doctors office after getting his eyes dilated.
                                                              Downtown Ft. Worth