Monday, July 21, 2014

Back at Jellystone

I don't know why we came back to jellystone park other than, we knew where it was.  LOL  This is a family oriented park and we have no kiddos to use all the amenities that they have here.  It's just a place to stay overnight.  I am sure we could have found a cheaper spot than this, at $40 a night, but that would have required us to actually look and we were on the lazy side today.  We wound up going through Ft. Worth at 5:00 and the interstate has construction, so that made for slow moving. To top it off we had a dump truck pull over on top of us.  Can you say, "Road Rage".......  I hate it when people know that the lane they are in is closing and they stay in it any way and then force their way into your lane at the

last minute.  One of these days I am just going to run over them.  Keep your breeches on Mister, I am not pre-meditating anything.  Just releasing some steam.

This is a kit car built on a Bronco frame.  Cool huh
Just a few random pictures since the park is a rerun.  Of course the pictures are too.  LOL