Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Babies are wonderful but for the young!

There is nothing more precious than my grandchildren.  I love them both very much.   I forgot how time consuming a newborn can be.  They are so much fun to watch.  They change everyday.   I love watching them explore their new world.  They learn to do something new everyday.  They grow and change everyday.   This eating every 2-3 hours is exhausting.   Lori is breast feeding Logan.  I can still remember the trauma I went through trying to breast feed my oldest. I feed him what seemed like every  30 min. and still he cried.  They didn't have lactation nurses then and we were basically on our own to figure things out.  I finally called the nurse and she told me to go all day without breast feeding and then to pump and see how much I had.  I did as told and only had a total of 1/2 oz.  No wonder he cried all the time.  I was starving my baby! I never breastfeed him again.  I had no problems stopping. No soreness, or leakage.  There was nothing to leak. LOL  I am so proud of mothers that can and do breastfeed their children.  It is hard work.  It's not for everyone, through necessity or choice.  It's a personal decision.  
Time to go help Lori, the poor woman never gets any rest.
Brian went back to work today.  Us girls are on our own now.  We had a pretty good storm this evening.  I hope my new slide topper is still on top of my slide.  There was heavy rain, hail and wind. Something they seem to get a lot of here.  I was trying to cook burgers on the grill outside before it all hit.  I think the bottom fell out 5 min. after I got everything off the grill.  The temp dropped pretty good and it felt great outside. I was trying to get everything done before it hit and when I went to take the hot dogs off, I dropped one.  It lasted about 5 sec. and Winston (the corgi puppy) ate it.  He didn't seem to even notice that it was piping hot.
Just got peed on for the second time today.
It is going to be so hard to leave.