Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Me sewing!!!! I need to find more things to do!

I got this wild hair and decided to sew a dress for Ashlynn.  Just a dress up dress.  Nothing special.  But you see I haven't sown in over thirty years.  Even then I wasn't known for my abilities to sew.  I was one of those people that when they wear something they have made, people look at it and go.... "oh.... you made yourself something.... wow... good for you.  Well I have picked up right where I left off it appears.

What is wrong with this picture?
Look closely.
Can you see now?  Yep, I sewed the bodice on to the wrong side of the skirt.  See the side seams?  Bummer.  I don't know why the two pictures look two different colors.  They were taken one after the other and in the same room, same lighting and everything.  Anyway, I got it taken off and put back on the right side.  I was adding the yoke to the top when the sewing machine kept breaking the thread.  I don't know what I did wrong to make it do that.  I stopped for the day and will wait till Kaitlyn gets back from her business trip to help me adjust the machine so I can finish.  It's been fun, mistakes and all but I think I remember why I quit sewing years ago.  I don't have the patience to do this.  I want it finished 5 min. after I start.  
We are winding down our trip here.  We leave Aug. 6th for home.  I am not looking forward to going back to the house.  I have adjusted quite well to living and cleaning the much smaller motorhome.  I am not looking forward to having to clean and dust a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house.  Anyone need a house?  I think I might just stay in the motorhome when we get to the "big" house.  It feels more like home to me.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Settled in at Westlake

We are settled in at Westlake RV Resort in Houston.  But let me tell you what happened yesterday.  We got set up at Jellystone yesterday and I went to get the key out of the car and it was dead. Not only that but it was locked up.  I made the mistake of putting it in park trying to get it started and it wouldn't budge.  I had the dreaded task of telling Doug I had really screwed up this time.  As long as the car is locked up in park, we aren't going anywhere!  He piddled with it and finally got it back in neutral so that we could at least travel.  But it was still dead.  I don't really know what happened.  My best guess is that I didn't get the switch in the right position for traveling and it drained the battery.  Doug took it out and had it tested and the battery is fine it was just low.  Taking the battery out of an HHR isn't the easiest thing in the world.  You have to take the floor up (which just lifts) then there is a storage compartment under that that you lift up.  That is where the spare tire rests.  You have to take it out so that you can get to the battery.  Why didn't they put the battery in the front with the engine like everyone else does?  Oh well, now Doug is charging it and we will see.  Hopefully it was just the switch and nothing else has gone wrong.  We also had a tire that kept setting the alarm off on the sensors.  It was very low before we left Amarillo.  I thought maybe it was just because we had been there for over a month.  PSI was 45 and should have been 90.  Doug aired it up and off we went.  Well before we left Jellystone, he turned on the sensors and it was low again. Hmmm   He aired it up again and got it a little too high.  This time as the tires heated up, that tires PSI got up to 108.  Just the amount that sets the sensor off again.  It was too high.  Temperature was fine so we just watched it and Doug let some more air out when we stopped. It was 93 when cool.  Picky little things aren't they.
I know we need to replace the back tires on the motorhome.  We only replaced the front ones.  So I guess after this we will have to budget that.  
Here are some more random pics
                                              Logan looking like a sport in his new cap.

                                            Ashlynn and Peepaw playing before we left.
Doug wearing the roll-up sun glasses they gave him at the doctors office after getting his eyes dilated.
                                                              Downtown Ft. Worth

Monday, July 21, 2014

Back at Jellystone

I don't know why we came back to jellystone park other than, we knew where it was.  LOL  This is a family oriented park and we have no kiddos to use all the amenities that they have here.  It's just a place to stay overnight.  I am sure we could have found a cheaper spot than this, at $40 a night, but that would have required us to actually look and we were on the lazy side today.  We wound up going through Ft. Worth at 5:00 and the interstate has construction, so that made for slow moving. To top it off we had a dump truck pull over on top of us.  Can you say, "Road Rage".......  I hate it when people know that the lane they are in is closing and they stay in it any way and then force their way into your lane at the

last minute.  One of these days I am just going to run over them.  Keep your breeches on Mister, I am not pre-meditating anything.  Just releasing some steam.

This is a kit car built on a Bronco frame.  Cool huh
Just a few random pictures since the park is a rerun.  Of course the pictures are too.  LOL

Time to leave

It's finally over.  The dreaded moment has arrived.  It's time to leave. We have been here in Amarillo since the last of June.  It is so hard to leave my grand-babies.  But it has been so much fun being here for this long.  Amarillo is a wonderful town.  The people are very friendly. The weather since we have been here has been wonderful.  I wish the humidity was this low in Pine Bluff!  Low humidity, almost always a breeze blowing, makes for a nice day to be outside.  Don't get me wrong, the wind  causes a lot of damage here in AMARILLO, TX. It has had 60mpg gusts a few times while we were here. I just love that we can go outside here and not be bombarded with the heat, humidity and mosquitos that weigh a pound!
During our stay here, we have replaced the slide topper, added a booster to the air pressure monitor , repaired the screen door latch, and had new relays and a new thermostat installed on the a/c system.  Ouch to the pocketbook.

Guess I had better get some sleep.  I haven't been getting a whole lot of that lately.   Have I said that I sure don't want to leave.

We had a great time.  I can't wait to come back and play with my babies again!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Babies are wonderful but for the young!

There is nothing more precious than my grandchildren.  I love them both very much.   I forgot how time consuming a newborn can be.  They are so much fun to watch.  They change everyday.   I love watching them explore their new world.  They learn to do something new everyday.  They grow and change everyday.   This eating every 2-3 hours is exhausting.   Lori is breast feeding Logan.  I can still remember the trauma I went through trying to breast feed my oldest. I feed him what seemed like every  30 min. and still he cried.  They didn't have lactation nurses then and we were basically on our own to figure things out.  I finally called the nurse and she told me to go all day without breast feeding and then to pump and see how much I had.  I did as told and only had a total of 1/2 oz.  No wonder he cried all the time.  I was starving my baby! I never breastfeed him again.  I had no problems stopping. No soreness, or leakage.  There was nothing to leak. LOL  I am so proud of mothers that can and do breastfeed their children.  It is hard work.  It's not for everyone, through necessity or choice.  It's a personal decision.  
Time to go help Lori, the poor woman never gets any rest.
Brian went back to work today.  Us girls are on our own now.  We had a pretty good storm this evening.  I hope my new slide topper is still on top of my slide.  There was heavy rain, hail and wind. Something they seem to get a lot of here.  I was trying to cook burgers on the grill outside before it all hit.  I think the bottom fell out 5 min. after I got everything off the grill.  The temp dropped pretty good and it felt great outside. I was trying to get everything done before it hit and when I went to take the hot dogs off, I dropped one.  It lasted about 5 sec. and Winston (the corgi puppy) ate it.  He didn't seem to even notice that it was piping hot.
Just got peed on for the second time today.
It is going to be so hard to leave.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

More bragging about my new grandbaby

Well he has been here for a few days and I am still super excited.  Here are some more pictures.

                                                    Dad cuddle time.
I wish I had looked this good right after having a baby!


                                                          He changes everyday.
Ok, this grandmother is proud of her beautiful grandchildren.  I love them very much.  Brag over!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The wait is finally over!!

Today Logan Jason was born at 12:06.  He weighed 8 lbs 13 oz. and was 21 inches long.  Mother and baby are doing fine.
big sister was so excited and loved holding and kissing on him.
It was a wonderful day.  I am truly blessed!

In other news there was a very large fire last night.  A new apartment building that wasn't completed burned to the ground.

This is a multi-building complex with businesses to be on the bottom floors and apartments on the top.   A village square.  Only one of I think 3 buildings burned.  It was the one that was nearest completion.  No cause of the fire is known at this time.   Village Square fire is link to see video.

Monday, July 7, 2014

A lot of waiting and the 4th of July

The hibiscus are in bloom all over the campground.  The baby ducks are wondering around everywhere enjoying this mild weather we have been having.  We still have one momma duck sitting on eggs and another just hatched one.  I haven't gotten a picture of her baby.  She doesn't like us to get too close.

We smoked just about everything you can smoke for the 4th.  Lori mixed up the seasoning to put on the ribs and brisket.  We used Myron Mixon's recipe.

 Everything was wonderful.  We had cole slaw, a congealed salad with pineapple and cottage cheese  ( I was the only one that liked that)
                                                   Potato salad that was very yummy.
                                                                          BBQ beans
 Here is a close up of the baby back ribs.  they were great!

 We put some wings on early to have for lunch while the big stuff smoked for supper.  This was all that was left by the time everything came off the smoker.  That very small piece of meat was the bologna that we smoked.  I had heard it was good and wanted to try it.  It was very good and was the first thing to disappear.
                   Corn on the cob and cake finished off the menu.  Ashlynn decorated it with a red white and blue star made of star shaped sprinkles.  I didn't get a picture of it.
Last but not least was the brisket.  This was fantastic.  I can't wait to do another one.  We have been eating on all this food all week.  Maybe we will take some brisket to the hospital.
                                After some sparklers, we all just vegged out and watched a movie.
 The dogs did enjoy playing with each other for the day.  They were wore out too.
                                              I don't know who fell asleep first, us or the dog!
Now for the good news.  Lori is going into the hospital tomorrow morning to have Logan.  We are so excited to see this precious little one.