Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Yegua Creek at Lake Somerville, Tx.

We are settled in at our spot in Yegua Creek on Lake Somerville.  We have water and electricity but not sewer.  It will take some getting use to that.  I was running the water while washing supper dishes when I remembered that I didn't have an bottomless tank this week.  This brings back the old days when we "camped".  You can't really call what we have been doing camping.  I have to say I am spoiled to "RV'ing".
It is very pretty here.  That is our drive and the lake across the street.  No beach though.  bummer
                   This is the right side of the site.  You have lots of space between the sites.
This was the left side of the motorhome.  Just across the street this evening the pasture was full of deer.  I couldn't get them all in one shot.  I walked around the loop and counted over 30 deer in the fields.  They don't seem to care that we are here.  One camper told me that they weren't afraid of humans and would walk right through your campsite.  Buddy and I did have an encounter with a small doe.  She was laying down when we walked up on her.  She jumped up and started to run but stopped and looked back.  I think she thought Buddy with his coloring and big ears was a deer. She came toward us then jumped backwards turned and ran.  She still didn't run far.  She stopped and just stared at us.  We walked a little further and saw a rabbit.  Buddy was frustrated and seeing all this wildlife and not being able to chase it.
I will give him a treat and he will be all better.