Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Today my Granddaughter turned 8

It doesn't seem that long ago but Ashlynn turned 8 today.  She has grown into such a pretty young lady.  Today she played her last volleyball game of the season.
She did a very good job.  Of course, Lori had to explain the scoring to me.  Sports was never very high on my priority list so I know very little.

They played a very good game.  They won the first one, lost the second and tied the third.  Way to go girls.
After the game we went to Olive Garden to celebrate her last game and her birthday.  Her choice of place to eat and this one is one of her favorites.
After supper we called her Uncle Mike and Aunt Kaitlyn so she could open their gifts to her. She was very excited with all of them but really loved the dress that Aunt Kaitlyn made her.  It was an Elsa costume!
She loved it.  All in all it was a great day.  Happy Birthday Ashlynn!  I love you!!!