Monday, June 30, 2014

This and that and still no baby

Not a lot going on here but waiting for a baby.  We are trying to get a few things done around the motorhome.  Well Doug is trying to get a few things done.  Me, I am just walking around taking in the sites.

The hibiscus on the next site to us is blooming.  These blooms are plate size.  They are very pretty but don't last very long.
Doug installed a booster for our tire pressure monitor.  We were having trouble receiving the monitors on the car.  They would tend to come and go.  A call to TST and they told us we needed to hook up the booster.  Only problem was they had sent the wrong booster.  They sent us out the correct one and Doug put it in yesterday.
He put a switch on it so that he could turn the booster on and off when not in use.  This he bought locally.  I don't know why they didn't include a switch.  It makes a lot more sense to me than leaving it on all the time.  But no one asked me.
Buddy was helping out but got tired and had to take a nap.
 A quick trip inside to take the old extended antenna down and test it out.
It's a thumbs up!  It works on all 10 tires now.  It also says the car has a low tire we need to add air to.
 I walked across the street to the pond to check on the ducks.  The males were having a pow wow.
                                                     One of the females with her 4 babies.
This female is hid in the ivy.  She is sitting on eggs.  Someone else is waiting on a baby or two or three!
Artwork by Ashlynn.