Wednesday, June 11, 2014

So I guess I like lamb

We are back at Westlake RV in Houston.  Haven't had anything exciting to write about.  We are just here enjoying the company of our youngest son and his wife.  Tonight they took us to one of their favorite Indian restaurants,  Mantra (link). Mike and Kaitlyn ordered for all of us since we didn't know what to order and I am glad they did.  I didn't take my camera unfortunately but let me tell you it was very good.  My favorite dish for the night was actually an appetizer.  It was Keema Samosa.  It looked like a pear wrapped in pie crust.  It was actually what they called a turnover with spicy ground lamb.  It was very very good.  I could have made a meal off just that.  But there was more goodness to come.  Paneer Pakora was like a cheese stick.  But they make their own cheese and this tasted more like chicken.  LOL  Their batter is like a tempura batter.  Tandoori mixed grill was the main dish.  It had fish, shrimp, lamb, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken and seekh kabob all on a hot cast iron grill.  I don't know if the seekh kabob was the sausage or if it  was the way the vegetables and meat were cooked.  We also had Saag Paneer (like a creamed spinach), Zeera aloo Punjabi (potatoes cooked with spices, herbs and dried fruit), Murgh Shahi Korma (chicken in a creamy almond sauce) and Garlic Nan (wonderful flat bread with garlic and cheese).  I know this sounds like a lot of food but it was for 4 people. We ate family style with everyone trying some of everything.  It was all very good and I would order any of it again.  Thanks Mike and Kaitlyn for introducing us to Indian food.
Kaitlyn's grandmother died today so they will be leaving for funeral in Louisiana.   My heart goes out to Kaitlyn and her family in their time of loss.  They will leave on Thursday.  Hopefully we will be back here soon to finish our fun.  I pray they have a safe trip.  We will leave for Amarillo on Thursday also.  I don't know how long this 10 hour drive will take us.  2-3 maybe even 4 days...who knows.  We have a grand baby coming soon, I guess we better hurry.