Sunday, June 1, 2014

Moving on down the road

We left Ho Hum this morning and also left Jim and Libbie.  They went to Destin to be with their kids for a week and we are heading towards Houston for Mike's birthday.
Doug got started early hoping to beat the flies but when I looked out the window he was working a little and then he would stop and kill flies with a fly swatter.  He told me he knew that he had killed at least 75.  He opened one compartment and he was swarmed by them.  I sure hope they didn't hitch a ride.  I hope I never see a yellow fly again as long as I live.  My poor legs look horrible.  I am covered with bites.  I must taste delicious to them. Because they sure loved me.
We stopped at Wal-Mart in Panama City so that Doug could get his eye drops refilled.  We then took a detour to Camping World to see if they had a part for the commode.  Oh did I mention that Doug broke the commode?  I had put ice cubes in the bowl and he decided he would pump the pedal to get them down faster.  I tried to tell him not to put so many down so fast but he didn't listen to me and now the pedal doesn't work anymore.  It is stuck in the open position!  GREAT!  Of course that means it doesn't smell to great either.  I sprayed febreeze down the toliet, closed the lid and then covered the toliet with a towel.  That helped a lot believe it or not.  LOL  Now we have to find a part or replace the toliet.  My bet is on replacing the toliet.
We finally arrived at Hilltop RV Park around 4:00.   It is a mom and pop kind of place.  Not much on looks but the people are very nice and its a PA park.  Cost for one night= $18.00.