Sunday, June 8, 2014

Last night at the lake

Our last night here at Lake Somerville.  This really is a nice park and lake.  It has been a while since we "camped" at the lake.  I have to admit I am now spoiled to all the conveniences of a private campground.  I especially like having sewer connections.  I had to reach back and remember how to wash dishes and take a shower to conserve water.  Just because you have an endless supply doesn't mean you have an endless tank.  LOL  It has been so long since we stayed at a place without sewer, we don't carry the "blue tank"anymore.  In fact there are a number of things that we have and don't use anymore.  I guess I should have a sale.  LOL

I was cleaning out a bin and found this satellite finder.  Still in the box unopened.  Our satellite has a built-in finder.  There is a stand for the satellite too!  It has never been used.  I think we must make too many impulse buys.  Either that or we change our minds too much. Maybe I will get it all out and take pictures of everything we have and don't need and put it on ebay.  I have never done any selling on there.  I have bought a lot on ebay.  Maybe its time.  Hmmm Will think on that.
We let Mike and Kaitlyn stay in the motorhome friday and saturday night and we went into town and stayed at their house.  They said they really enjoyed staying in the motorhome.  Maybe it will help them to decide what it is they want for themselves.  They tent camp now but have been looking at travel trailers, fifth wheels and class c's.  Several of their friends joined them here for the weekend.  They were also helping Mike celebrate his 29th birthday.  They had 3 sites full of tents, people and another boat.  I think there were 13 of them.  It sounds like they all really had a good time.  Happy birthday Mike!  We love you!