Sunday, June 1, 2014

It was a long day on the road today

I can't get use to the time change.  The bigger question is, why is only 1 hour making such a difference.  Half of the clocks in the motorhome have EDT and half have CDT.  I think today that has to be the first thing I do now that we are stopped for the night is get the right time everywhere in the motorhome.  We left early this morning with a light rain.
In fact, we went through three good rain storms that slowed traffic on the interstate to around 26 mph.
It was a pretty drive between storms though.  When we got close to Baton Rouge we saw these two things.
They are in the port.  Anyone have any idea what they are?  We had just crossed this bridge.
I am sure someone reconizes this bridge.  LOL  You can see the two white things on the right.  They almost look like round grain bins.
We crossed that bridge (the one that seems like its 200 miles long) between Baton Rouge and Lafayette.  That thing goes on forever.  I don't know what they do when there is a wreck because there aren't any off ramps or cross overs.  Could take a long time to get to you.
We had an extremely long drive day today.  We were short yesterday and then there is the problem with the commode so we need an extra day in Houston to get it fixed.  So today we drove, hold on to your hats, 355 miles!  We stopped several times and that helped a lot.  Doug kept saying, let's go a little further so we did.  We are in Lake Charles, parked at the Isle of Capri. It's $20.00 a night and you can walk into casino to eat.  Neither one of us wants to go in an gamble.  Just glad we didn't have to drive to eat or I didn't have to cook.    Can you see the rainbow in the picture above of the bus?
I about missed the sunset.  That seems to happen to me a lot.