Monday, June 2, 2014

Houston here we come!

We left out this morning for our short run today to Houston.  But we had bigger problems.  Our commode is still broken and the smell is getting to me.  We have tried everything, I finally stuffed a whole towel into the bowl and and closed the lid then covered it with another towel.  We called just about every place in Houston looking for someone to fix it or replace it with no luck.  We couldn't get anyone to return our calls.  So we just headed for Camping World in Katy, hoping they would have one or could fix this one.
                                   The traffic wasn't too bad when crossing through on I-10.
 But I have to say it looks a lot like a a game of pick up sticks.  This freeways go over and under each other so much.
It's a wonder us simple folk can get anywhere.  How did we ever get anywhere without GPS.
                                            Right in the middle of I-10 is this pretty fountain.
 This time we are staying at Westlake RV Resort.  It is a lot closer to where Mike lives and will save us and them about a 30 min. drive one way.  It is a PA campground but PA is only good for 1 night here.  After that we can use our GS discount.  They gave us some other discount tonight also so it was $22.00 for tonight.  We told them we might stay 2 nights but didn't know for sure.  After talking with Mike, we will stay a 2nd night before going to Lake Somerville.
 The sites are nice, all concrete but very close.
Across the street there is a good size lake.  You can fish in it but it is catch and release.
 Doug was drooling over this Corvette.  Brings back the memories of his younger days when he had one.  I don't know if he could get in and out of one now.  LOL  Don't tell him I said that.
                                            This 57 Chev is here also.  Now I like this one!
 I got a picture backwards but this caught my eye on the back of a fifth wheel.   The flag says, Come and take it! and shows a AR15 (I think).  
                                          Buddy and I sat out and enjoyed the weather for a while.
Oh dear, I got side tracked and forgot to finish my story about the commode.  Maybe I was just trying to forget.  Even though the rating and reviews were TERRIBLE for Camping World, we were out of options and went anyway.  They had 1 like we were looking for but couldn't install it today.  When we got to the campground, we passed a truck at a nearby site that said it was a RV Repair person.  After we set up, Doug walked down to his site and asked him if he could look at and give us a price to install the commode.  He came and installed it  in about 30 min.  We now have a brand new, but more importantly, working commode.  I didn't take pictures because, first, I didn't want to watch this and 2nd, I didn't think you would want to see it.  haha   The nice part is that it is taller than the old one.  Even though it cost us $200.00 to get it installed, we are happy.  Before you scream, $200.00!, let me tell you he had to replace and change the plumbing from one side of the commode to the other.  Still high but when you don't have the knowledge, tools and confidence to do it yourself, it's ok.
It has to be.  LOL