Thursday, June 12, 2014

But I don't like all lamb LOL

We spent the day with Mike and Kaitlyn again.  We both leave going in separate directions tomorrow.   We did some last minute shopping we needed to do and some that we just wanted to do.  Doug got a much needed new billfold for Fathers day and I got a new Coach shoulder bag for a late Mothers day present.  Thank you Mike and Kaitlyn!!  They also took us to a Brazilian steak house to eat.
Fogo De Chao was the name of the restaurant.  These little tabs on the table tell them whether or not you want more food.  Red side is No thanks!  Green side is bring on the food.
The Gauchos slice the food at the table and you have small tongs that you take it with.
                                            They had a wonderful salad bar too!
Of course Doug's favorite was all the different steaks they brought.  Ribeye, filet mignon, sirloin (both top and bottom) lamb chops (which I didn't care for so much) pork loin, chicken and sausages.  You could kill yourself there. It was all very good.  It's kind of blurry, but here is a picture of Mike and Kaitlyn.  I love these two!
This is one of the spinning grills they roast the meat on.  Don't ask me what meats are on here because I have no idea.
We left there and drove through some beautiful neighborhoods with multimillion dollar homes.  Some of these houses were bigger than the lot my house sits on, and that is a 2.5 acre lot!!
 We got back to the house and Buddy and Buster were playing.  My camera just couldn't take a good picture of them because they were moving so fast.
 Here is a pause for a rest.  They are so funny when they play together.
And it's on again.  They ran through the house and attacked each other for about 20 minutes.  Then they crashed.
Now I am going to crash!   Later