Monday, June 23, 2014

Been busy but nothing to write home about

We have just been enjoying spending time with our granddaughter and son and daughter-in-law.  We haven't done anything newsworthy to write about so I have been off grid for a couple of days.  Ashlynn (granddaughter) did trick me into eating some of Wilburs Revenge hot hot hot BBQ sauce at Famous Daves.

 She thought it would be funny and it was, since I survived.  I don't eat spicy foods because I don't tolerate it very well.  She didn't know this and thought it was so funny.  After a glass of milk and 2 glasses of tea the numbness started to leave my mouth.  Little stinker.  She apologized when told that I don't eat spicy foods.  I told her it was fine, she didn't mean to try a kill me.  LOL
Today the guys smoked a pork tenderloin and a couple of racks of baby back ribs.
They sure turned out good.  It was some good eating at the house tonight.
They will need to do this again soon.  Think I will get a pork butt and maybe a brisket for the next smokeout.
We got back to the RV just in time.  We had or should say have a pretty good storm around us.  So far they have gone north and south of us.  We left Lori and Brian's house just in time.  They lost their electricity because of a down power line and it looks like it will be a while before it is restored.  3500 people are without electricity in Amarillo and 2200 of them are in their neighborhood.  LOL  I told them to come stay at the motorhome,  we have electricity.  We are under a watch until 5 a.m. so it might be an interesting night.  Wind gusts of 60 mph, yep might get interesting.