Sunday, June 15, 2014

Back in Amarillo

Traveling in northwest Texas you see a lot of oil wells, flat lands and just nothing.  LOL
It is pretty country though.  This was two railroad cars in the middle of a field.  They are grain cars of some kind.

                                              There were lots of wind mills and power cables.
 We didn't get in our usual campground and had to find another.  I don't know if anything special is going on other than Fathers Day weekend and just being summer.  We had to go out a little further than we like but we wound up at Oasis RV Park.  It's a nice park but I like the closeness and the people at Fort Amarillo.  We will probably move there after this week.  I will post pictures of this park tomorrow.
I do have a picture of the storm that blew up last night.  Well not the storm, the sky.  It was pretty but I bet it meant someone was getting hail.