Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Day on the Lake

Mike came up today and we went and got his party barge  and headed to the lake.
 First we went to the storage place where he keeps it at the lake.
 This is a big barge.  He brought gas with him so that we wouldn't have to take it into town to fill up.
It's a pretty big barge as you can see.  That is a King Ranch Ford truck and it dwarfs it!
Have to pick up Doug after he parked the boat trailer.

 This was Buddy's first boat ride and he wasn't too excited about it.  He is hiding his face.

 As you can see, I was relaxing.  Don't look at the foot, look at the pretty cloud formations.  It was a very pretty day.
 It didn't take long thought and we were all hot. So we put up the canopy.  Boy that made a difference. I bet it was 10 degrees cooler under that thing.
                                            Doug tried some fishing but didn't have any luck.
                                               That's his I didn't catch any fish sad face.
 That's Mike's no fish but lots of fun face!  He has Wolverine hair but its crooked.  lol
Bringing her up to the bank for the night.  Buddy wasn't too sure about the water at first.  He wouldn't jump off the boat.  I carried him to shore and then he started walking around in the water.  He even dipped his belly in the water.  Silly boy.
                                     Mockingbird came up and sang for us, and sang and sang....
 Buddy watching all the deer across the street.  He wants to chase them so bad.
 It's not a good picture but there are wild flowers everywhere and they are so pretty.

A deer watching us.  I counted 13 when I took Buddy out the last time before dark.  We saw a doe and her newborn fawn today. Of course I didn't have the camera with me.  It must have just been born it was the smallest fawn I have ever seen.  I hope to see it tomorrow so I can get a picture.