Sunday, May 4, 2014

The sun is finally shining!

Yesterday was a drab rainy day.  We stayed in all day and did some house cleaning and washing.
 I had gotten so far behind in my wash, I went to the dreaded laundry! The resort has a nice one. I filled all the machines and got it all done in a flash.
Doug showed me these red berries growing on bushes across the street from us.  I asked a local what they were and she said they were Japanese Cherries.  I looked them up on the internet and they are also called, Florida cherry, Surinam cherry, and cayenne cherry.  They are suppose to be sweet if you eat the dark red ones.  Since they are indeed eatable , I think I will pick some and try them.
Since the weather was so nice today, Libbie and I went to the pool.
This is a very large pool, with a lap pool, area to play volleyball and water jets to soothe the sore muscles (assuming you do anything to get the sore).  Today a large number of people were playing volleyball.

Libbie is watching the volleyball game and chillin out
When we left the pool we drove around looking at some of the houses.
 The yards at all of the houses are very neat and nicely groomed.
 There is every height and size of the garage. Single wide and also double.
This one will accommodate  a motor home, car, and a golf cart.  Golf cart seems to be the most popular mode of transport.
When we got back to the motorhome, we cooked up a wonderful vegetable plate dinner,  We had black'eye  peas,  fried okra, squash, sliced tomatoes , onions and fried hog jowl.  Yes I said hog jowl! I had never had it before.  It's like a extra thick bacon.  It's not my favorite by all means, but it was eatable.
 I like these two because they have the drive in motor coach cover.

This is the wood/ craft shop.  The guys could go in and build something!
My eyes are crossing because I am so tired so I'm going to bed.