Monday, May 12, 2014

Sombrero Beach

Today we went to see Sombrero Beach here on Grassy Key.  At least I think it's on Grassy Key.  I can't tell when I go from one to another on some of these keys.
 It was a beautiful day and with a nice wind blowing you couldn't even tell it was hot.  LOL
I sat under a coconut tree.  It shaded me pretty good.  Libbie baked out in the sun.  Brave woman that Libbie.
I looked up once and in the far distance I could see this sailboat.  It looked like one of the tall ships they race.  With the wind we had today, they should have won.  It felt more like Amarillo, Tx.
I looked over to my side, and it seemed I had acquired a friend.  I think he was looking for a hand out.  Unfortunately for him, I didn't bring a snack.
 Libbie and I returned to the campground, bathed the dogs, took a swim and rested a while.
Since this was our last night here, we decided to eat and The Island Fish Co.  I didn't take a picture and I should have because the building is built like a huge tiki hut! Grass roof and all.  The food was very good.  We all had the fried grouper.   It was delicious!  Since the restaurant has no windows we had a great view of the sunset.
We say good bye to the keys tomorrow.  I have enjoyed our 4 days here and would really like to stay another 4 to see and do everything there is to see and do.  Guess it will have to wait til next time.

                                                             That dang wind!
                                                                                  Later ya'll