Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Settling in at Williston Crossings

We settled in quite nicely this afternoon.  The drive from Tampa was an easy one but we came by way of toll roads.  It seemed like every 2 miles we had to stop and pay $3.75.  It was a nice drive so I guess it was worth it.   I kind of hated to leave Bay Bayou.  It was so nice there and had lots of good shopping real close by.
It is very pretty here too!  This place is so large I am afraid that I will get lost when I go walking.
They are adding more spaces even now.  You can also buy park models and rent lots here by the year. They do have the park models in a different area.
 This park has a special right now.  You can stay for a week for $120.00 if you haven't been here before.  Lucky us, we haven't!
 I loved the decals on this Tahoe.  They look cool and I bet it really looks good on the road behind that motorhome!
 The guys got the shade extender or whatever it's called put up.  The breeze felt great today.
We had a visitor today.  We were told that a flock of turkeys had moved themselves in and made themselves at home.
This is the clubhouse.  It is so big it took 3 pictures to get it all.

I think I will like it here too.  I will take a picture of the office and pool area tomorrow.