Friday, May 2, 2014

On the road in rainy weather

                                  How Buddy was sleeping when I got up this morning.  LOL

Is it every going to stop raining!  It seems like it has rained every day since we got into Florida.  Isn't this suppose to be the sunshine state?  We left Bulow RV Park this morning in the pouring rain.  It has rained every afternoon but we have had nice days to explore.  The day we decide to leave the rain starts early and stays with us all day.  It was a gulley-washer!

We passed this building close to Orlando.  I don't know what it is but it was very ornate.

We stopped at a rest area to have lunch.  I was getting everything out to make us a home made pimento cheese sandwich, when I opened a cabinet and a bottle of BBQ sauce came flying out and broke open.  BBQ sauce went flying everywhere.  This is a mustard based sauce.  Even Buddy had it on his nose.  The mustard left a stain on the carpet and on Buddy's nose.   I guess I know what I am going to be doing for the next couple of days.  I didn't take a picture of my mess.  I don't need any reminders. :(
This was close to DisneyWorld.  If you look at the middle of the picture, the transmission line pole has mickey mouse designed in it.   LOL

We arrived in Sebring, Fla. around 5:00 today.  We are staying at Tanglewood Outback RV Resort.  This is a "active 40+ RV community". It stopped raining long enough for us to get set up thank goodness but I didn't get a picture of our site.  I will tomorrow.

And here they are... our site and the grounds.... That is all I got because IT IS STILL RAINING!