Thursday, May 15, 2014

Moving up the coast

We spent one night at Club Naples RV Resort and decided to move on up to Bay Bayou Resort in Tampa.
Club Napes Office.  The sites were pull through and park was very clean.  We just decided to move on.
The drive was uneventful until we got to this bridge.  Skyway from St. Petersburg to Tampa.  Oh my goodness it was tall.  The tallest I have been on.
When you get to the top you have a panoramic view of Tampa.  You could see for miles and miles.
                                         Right after lunch we pulled into Bay Bayou Resort.  
 Our site backs up to the canal, river or whatever it is.  The only disadvantage is the beautiful trees block the satellite.
 There is a nice deck two sites over that has a bench on it that you can sit and watch for manatees.  Yes they said that the manatees like to come in, in the afternoon to chase the fish. I sure hope we see some.
 They have beautiful gardens with swings everywhere.  It just makes you want to sit outside.
 Here is another one that is on the path to the swimming pool.
                                         Are you ready to sit outside and read a book now?
This is the tree that is blocking our satellite view.  Sure is pretty though.  We also have lots of ducks walking around here.  There are the ugly black and white ones with the red on their faces and mallard ducks.  We also have a grapefruit tree behind the motorhome that has grapefruit ready for the picking.  This is also a passport America resort with 1/2 price rates of $22.00 a night for up to 6 nights.  That's what I call a pretty good deal.