Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hemingway and Key West in a day

We drove down to Key West today and spent the day exploring.  The hardest part about Key West is finding a parking place!

We found one on Duval St. right beside the Southernmost House.

                                They sure like pink at the keys.  Lots of pink houses and businesses.
This sign was at the gift shop. Closest to Cuba and JFK slept here... Sounds like a great advertisement to me.
 We stood in line for about 15 min. to be able to take a picture at the southernmost point.
We did see the chickens and roosters wondering around the streets.
                                          This momma had a couple of her chicks with her.
We then toured the Hemingway House.  We had a very good guide that gave us a lot of information.
                                        Hemingway surrounded by pictures of his 4 wives.
                                                             The man himself.
                                                    Not a very fancy kitchen is it...

Hemingway made this king size bed by wiring 2 twin size together.... The headboard was a gate that the second Mrs. Hemingway purchased and had made into a headboard.
This is a birthing chair.  He liked to carry one around, sit on it and listen to comments made by people.
                                     The house sits on an acre of land and the gardens are beautiful.
If you look closely, you can see a bride in the center.  A wedding and a tour.... you get to see it all.
The best thing I learned today was the story about the pool.  Mrs. H (no. 2 was the only one to live in this house) wanted a pool but Mr. H. said it was ridiculous, they lived on an island.  So he built a boxing ring on the spot she wanted a pool.  Mr. H was a very good boxer and loved to have friends over to what I would call his man cave.  Well it seems he took a "business trip" and was gone for several months. On this "business trip", he took a woman and Mrs. H found out about it.  She had the boxing ring tore down and her pool built. Now this isn't just any pool, this was the largest in florida at the time at 24x62 and 7' deep at the farthest end.  Mr. H came home, found his ring gone and the pool in its place.  A huge shouting match was had and Mr. H asked just how much this pool had cost. She told him $20,000!  The house and an acre of land had cost $8000.  He pulled out a penny from his pocket and said that she might as well have the last penny he had and threw it at her.  She caught it and when he stormed off, she pushed that penny in the still uncured concrete.

The fight didn't end there.  Hemingway brought home a urinal from the bar Sloppy Joes.  Mrs. H woke up looked down and saw it right next to her pool.  She told him to remove it and he said he would when she got rid of that dang pool!  Well she wasn't about to do that so she made a fountain out of it and covered it in spanish tiles.
It's still being enjoyed by the cats today.  By the way did I mention there are 35 cats living at the house.  At one time Hemingway had 65.  Most are 6 toed.

    The carriage house to the right was made into a guest house and Hemingway wrote most of his novels upstairs in his study.  If you go to the keys, stop by, it was a nice tour
                            Across the street is the 6 Toed Cafe.  We ate lunch there. It was very good.

                                                     A huge hamburger!
                                         Large pelicans at the Key West Marina  Kind of blurry, I was driving  lol
 Sorry its so long today.... but I didn't know what to leave out!
                                                   More flowers at the campground.