Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there

It was a beautiful day today. Doug fixed brunch around noon.  Scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, sausage and fried biscuits! Yum... After eating Libbie and I went swimming in the pool while the guys cleaned up.  I sure could get use to this.
After swimming we just sat around enjoying the breezes and tried to decide where we are going next. It sure is hard to make these difficult decisions all the time.
The guys cooked again for us tonight.  Pork chops, rice, gravy, corn on the cob, green beans and cheese toast.  They surprised us with key lime pie and a key west t shirt!   Not a busy or note worthy day but a good one.   The only thing that would have made this a better day, would have been having my sons and their families with me.  Hope your day was good too.