Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Doug!

Today is Doug's birthday.  He turned (shish.... don't tell anyone) 65 today.   Jim cooked pancakes, eggs and bacon for lunch today.  It sure was good.  We don't get up early enough to eat all that for breakfast.  That and we don't eat when we first get up so by the time we are ready to eat, it's noon.  After eating we sat around doing what we do best, nothing.
 We all agreed that Doug should pick where he would like to eat supper.  After looking on the internet he decided on BBQ and picked a place with a 96% rating.  Trust Me BBQ.  Yes that was the name of the place.  He googled directions and it wasn't but 12 minutes from the campground.  We had a place and a plan.  Since they closed at 7 on Sunday, we left the campground around 5:30.  Almost an hour later and I don't know how many miles, we found Trust Me BBQ.

Yep, it was a truck parked at a gas station.  They had a couple of seats inside to sit if you wanted.  We all had a good laugh at Doug's expense.  Then we started looking for a place to eat.  Jim found one that was fairly close to us.  Smoky Bones BBQ.  It was very good. I had the pulled pork and everyone else got the ribs.  Everyone was finally full and Doug got some shirts and t-shirts for his birthday.
Happy Birthday Doug!  I love you!!