Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Back to the Gulf, We are at Ho Hum!

We got up early for us, and left Williston this morning.  We enjoyed our time there and hated to leave. Yesterday evening we did have some wind and a very large dead tree top fell on a fifth wheel across from us.  Scared them to death, I bet!  They did come out pretty fast.

 We stopped for lunch at Perry, FL.  The dogs were ready for a break too.  Buddy sure is becoming a good travel dog.
 Rusty came over and tried to break into the treat box.  He has before and would have again if I hadn't stopped him.  He had already had plenty.  He was scratching on the box here.
 We stopped at this empty lot next to a boat sales place for lunch.  As we were leaving Doug picked out a boat for Father's Day.  Now to get the boys to buy it for him.
                                                                This is the one boys!!!!
 We also had to stop and buy fuel.  We found some this time for $3.77 gal.  That is much better than the $4.29 a gal. in the keys!
 We were on Hwy 98 most of the day and even though we didn't have water for a while it was still a pretty drive.
 Our first view of water again.  It was nice to get back to the beaches.  There is always a cool breeze.
 We arrived at Ho Hum Campground around 3:00.  As you can see, it sits right on the water.
Buddy was anxious to see that water.  Later he even tried to dig up a crab.  Silly dog!

 They have a dock you can fish off.  I will walk out there tomorrow and see if I can see any fish!
                                              This is the view out of my window.
Our site #54.  They are close together but I guess they want to squeeze as many motorhomes as they can on their property.  This is a 55 and over campground.  With the GS discount it is $29.70 a day.  The down side is that they are having a bear problem at night. No garbage outside your MH and be careful going to the dumpster at night because that is what they are raiding.  Hmmmm I will send Doug out to take a picture of any bears out tonight!  Since it's travel day, we don't cook.  We are going to eat at The Fisherman's Wife restaurant.  They have their own fishing boat.  Should be fresh.
The food was excellent.  They were out of a lot of their menu items but what we did get was great.  The shrimp was large and very good.  Doug got a platter that was huge and had just about everything on it (cod, shrimp, oysters, scallops, potatoes, cheese grits and hush puppies.  Oh and salad....  yep... it was a lot....