Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A busy day but nothing to write home about

I had some busy stuff to do today.  I had to go to the office and use their printer to print out some paperwork that needed to mailed.
So off to the office I went.  I didn't go in when we checked in so I was quite surprised to see everything they had in the office.
 First off, they have a few things they sell in there. Mostly t-shirts and hoodies with their name embroidered on them and some rv supplies.
 There is a bulletin board and chairs for resting, maybe?
 A pool table, tables for games, books to read and chess set ready to play.
                                                     Relax, watch tv or just visit.
                                    Mailboxes for those that stay a while or live here.
 Good Sam to greet you!
                                                  Friendly folks to help you too!
After finishing up my printing, I went to the Post Office to get it all mailed.  I have decided that never again will I leave home without a printer. The printer was not wifi enabled.  It had wifi but no one seemed to think it needed to be set up so I couldn't print from my computer without a usb cable. I put the documents on a flash drive and tried to print from the printer with it.  Nope, printer didn't know what to do with my flash drive.  Ok, let's try again.  I put the flash drive in the computer.  Next problem, they don't have just a whole lot of programs on this computer. Nothing wanted to read a pages document. So I downloaded Adobe and changed them to pdf and finally printed 3 documents.  It only took me all morning to get this done.
                                                I kind of felt like the turkey in the park!
                                   These are just some pictures from around the park.
  This must be a winter gathering place.  There are rocking chairs all the way around a big fire pit.
They are just starting to add park models here.  There aren't very many of them, but they are nice.

                             I guess this is the way to live in Florida.  No property taxes!  Just lot rent
Karen (KarenintheWoods) mentioned that she wanted to drive this old car here at the park and pretend to be Barney Fife!  Me too Karen!  Red lights flashing!!!!