Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We almost didn't find a camp site!

We spent today calling and driving around looking for a campsite in the Savannah area.  They are all full.  You would think it was summer and school was out. We wound up with a site in Charleston, SC and will go there first.

We had hoped to get a site at the state park but it was full.  We ate KFC at a picnic table in the day use area. It was very beautiful with the moss in the trees.

I fixed spaghetti and salad tonight. It was very good, if I can so myself.  Libbie brought over the garlic bread and lemon ice box pie.  YUM

Tomorrow Libbie and I are doing a little shopping and restocking the pantry.  We will move to our new site in Charleston on Friday.  I don't even know the name of the park at this time.  LOL
I will post pics and name tomorrow, its late and I'm about to fall asleep and drop the laptop.