Saturday, April 12, 2014

Selma Alabama to Montgomery

Jim found a new fuel filter and luckily it did the trick.  No more problems.  We left out this morning and headed for Montgomery, Al.
 This was our drive thru Selma.  This is the old main street.
 They were having something on the square.
This was a fast click as we were driving thru town.  There were lots of big old homes.  I would like to have gone in some of them.
 We stopped for the night in Montgomery, Ala. at The Woods RV Park and Campground.  They are having a Motorcycle and Music Festival this weekend.  There are Harleys everywhere and bands playing until midnight tonight.  I am laying in bed typing this listening to everything from Charlie Rich to Prince music.  If you don't like the band that is playing now there will be a different one in about an hour.   They have all been really good bands playing some good music.  There are booths set up with concessions, everything from BBQ to the Lady Chicken headbands.  LOL  I will have to go over and look at that tomorrow.
 Jim and Doug set outside listening to the bands and looking at something funny on the ipad.
 I don't know what it was, but it must have been real funny.
Some folks riding around the campgrounds having a good time.  
We are going to spend two nights here so the guys can fish and we can get some down time.  I don't like these long driving days... 250 miles today... too too much