Sunday, April 27, 2014

Old Town Trolley ride!

                                      Today we took the trolley ride around historic Savannah.
       We had a very good guide by the name of Diva!  She was very informative and entertaining.
One of the things I loved about Savannah were all the squares or jewels of the city as they are called. These squares are beautiful parks that are placed every 4-5 blocks it seems.  Each neighborhood has ones.
There are squares named after prominent people of the community and commanders and chiefs.  I wish I could remember all the information that I absorbed today.  Unfortunately it sunk too deep into my brain and I can't find it now.
Chippewa Square is the site of the filming of Forest Gump.  

Then there is the home from the book and movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.
My brain was on overload.  
The capitol has a dome on top that is covered in gold!  One of the prominent citizens donated this gold.
There is just too much to see and do to remember it all when you try to do it in one day.  This is our 3rd day downtown and I think I need 3 more.  Have you heard the saying, "keeping up with the Joneses?"  There is a Jones St. and the saying came from the beautiful homes that were built there by some of the more wealthy citizens of the day.
This was just a woman and her grandson that were leaving church.  I wish the picture was better because her hat was "a statement" to say the least!  Diva yelled out the window, "love the hat!"

Some famous architect designed several houses in this neighborhood.  I could only get a picture of this one.  Wish I could remember his name. 
 Savannah's port is not near as big as Charleston's but it is still a busy port.
                                       There are boats to ride here of all shapes and sizes.
 There is even a suspension bridge like in Charleston.  This one looks a lot like the one in Greenville, MS.

We waited to get back on the trolley on River Rd.
This was a bell that was made by the same company that made the liberty bell.  It looks the same but without the crack.
We came back to the RV and after we rested cooked up some steaks for supper. Yum they were good.
Just a pretty Live Oak tree here at the campground..