Saturday, April 19, 2014

I think we will need a boat if it doesn't stop raining!

It rained all night last night and this campground is starting to look like a lake.  Buddy likes walking in all the mud puddles but doesn't like having his feet dried off when we come back in.  I tell him to make up his mind what he want more.... playing in the water, or me leaving his feet alone.  So far the water is winning.
We decided to drive into Charleston to take a look around.  It was a dreary and cool day so we thought we would just drive around to see what we might want to go take a look at on a better day.
We had lunch at a place called "The Kickin Chicken".  Their special today was chicken and waffles. We decided to try some.  The chicken was delicious but I must say that I don't see the connection between the chicken and waffles.  They just don't go together to me.  Must be an acquired taste.
We drove down to historic old downtown and the amount of historic homes, businesses and churches was astounding.  If you notice on the left of this church is a building that is completely wrapped.  They are restoring it.
This is a picture of the building. I don't know how many stories tall it is but I can't believe they wrapped the whole thing.  I believe that it is part of the church.
The traffic was really bad but did move pretty quickly.  The stores were just one after the other for what seemed like miles.  lol

There was everything from designer stores to stores that sold Hookahs  lol  I think that is how you spell it.

Then there were some of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen.  These were all facing the wharf.

There were beautiful churches also.  I believe the paper I was looking at said a mile of churches.
It will be hard to decide what to do and see first.  I just hope the weather starts cooperating.
How would you like to look out your front door and see this....

 There was even a Carnival cruise ship docked.  It was the Fantasy.

Sorry there are so many pictures but it was so pretty and so much to see, I couldn't narrow it down anymore.  I have a few hundred to choose from.