Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Started loading the motorhome today.  I am being optimistic about Doug's eye and us being able to leave on Friday.  We had to run back to the house when we took a load out to the motorhome.  It started to rain.  Then it started hailing!  It was only pea sized but it was coming down hard.  That ended loading the motorhome.  When it did finally stop it was a mess out there.  After the hail it came a gulley-washer!  We have a couple of ponds in our yard now!... Hope this ground firms up by friday.
The white dots are hail.  Not big but this picture was taken when it just started, a lot more fell.
Hopefully we will finish loading her tomorrow and there will be no rain or hail!  Buddy must be ready to go, he followed us out there everytime we went the last two days. That is so different from the last time we took him.  He is turning into a traveling dog.  When we first rescued Buddy he was afraid of everything.  He didn't want to get in the vehicle or come in the house.  Now he is spoiled rotten as all dogs should be.  If your looking for a good friend and companion, rescue one at your nearest animal control or humane society.

                                                   Buddy resting.... what he does best!  lol