Monday, April 14, 2014

Decisions go or stay another day

We are still here in Montgomery, Al. watching the weather.  Do we leave and hopefully stay ahead of it or move on and hopefully get settled in before it reaches us?  That is our question for this morning. We spent a quiet day yesterday just resting and the guys did some fishing.

Doug caught 2 brim and 1 small bass.  None were keepers.  He had fun until he stepped in the ant hills.  LOL  Jim didn't step in any ant hills but he didn't catch any fish.  Maybe that's why, he didn't suffer enough.  I think I might have gone with Jim on this one.

The guys just had a meeting of the minds and we are going to wait out the storm here.  We will let it blow over and enjoy another day of rest.  Tomorrow we will be Macon, Ga. bound.  Let's see what today brings.