Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Daytona Racetrack and Beach

Today we took a drive to Daytona Beach.  Our first stop was the racetrack.  We are fans of Nascar.  We don't watch all the races but do try to keep up with who is winning.  I am a Jimmy Johnson fan and Doug is a Earnhardt Jr. fan.

 This is a statue of Bill France founder of Nascar and the builder of Daytona raceway.

 Jimmy Johnson's plaque for winning daytona in 2013.  He has small hands and feet.  LOL
 Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s plaque.  He has small hands and feet too.  After looking at the inside of a nascar race car I can see why.  You have to be small to get into those cars.
 Dale Earnhardt Sr.  I wonder if there are always fresh roses at his statue?
                                                  Doug standing in front of the pace car.
                                                               Bill and Anne France.

 A cut-away car.  This side looks normal.  The other side has the metal off so you can see the safety features
 You can't see how the seat is at such an angle but it drops down so much it looks like their knees would be up in their chest.  lol

 I must say it was interesting walking in the stands.  I don't really know how you can see a race sitting in those seats.  The cars are going almost 200mph.  By the time you get your eyes focused, the cars are gone.
 Libbie and Doug in the 4th turn area
 Libbie enjoying her imaginary race.
 Doug watching his imaginary race.
 Leaving the raceway. Walking on all those winners handprints.
                                                   From there we went to the beach.

 The water was nice and clean but it sure was cold.  Doug and I walked out in it but didn't last too long.  The day may have been hot but that water was COLD!

The clouds were starting to roll in when we left.  By the time we got back to the RV park it was pouring down.  We are going to need a boat if it doesn't stop raining.  We have been lucky that the rain hasn't stopped us from doing what we wanted to do.  Florida is famous for it's afternoon showers but this is ridiculous!  They are suppose to be light showers that last 30-45 min.  Not 2 hour floods!
All in all it was a good day. We only got lost once and we didn't kill each other.  We are on week 3 of our trip.  So that is a good thing.