Monday, April 14, 2014

Columbus, GA was as far as we made it

We thought the rain had lightened up so we left out around 11:00.  Our goal was Columbus, GA if the weather didn't clear up and Macon, GA. if it did.
 Buddy  is about to get the hang of this traveling stuff!  This is what he did all day.

We crossed the Alabama River.  I didn't even know there was an Alabama River.    It would rain, stop, rain stop, all day.  Around 4:00 (we crossed the time zone and lost an hour) we pulled into Lake Pine RV Park and campground.
 At first I thought Doug had pulled onto someones private property.  There is a real nice pond on the other side of the drive.  I couldn't get a picture of it. Maybe tomorrow.  After we got checked in Doug and Jim went fishing there and caught 7 fish total.  Some were small so they threw them all back.
 This was the office.  We pulled in and the guys went to check in while we took the dogs for a pee break.
Everything in this area has already bloomed out.  I was admiring the pretty azaleas when Buddy came up and peed on them right as I took the picture.  That's a boy for you.

This pretty little chapel is here on the campground.  This is a very pretty site for a wedding.
 This cabin looks like it might be the honeymoon suite.  It's very pretty and all done in white.
 This gazebo was next to the chapel.  The grounds were very nicely manicured.
This is our site.  As you can see it was still raining.  The rates were only $18.00 with Passport America 50% discount.  You can use PA for two nights.
 We have cooked at the campsite every night since we left.  This is a record.  Tonight we decided to eat out.  Since the guys didn't keep any fish, the owner of the campground recommended Ezell's.  Notice the sign, catfish tremble when they hear our name.
 The food was very good.  The guys had the catfish and Libbie and I had the combo fish and shrimp.
 We were too hungry to think about pictures when we had food.  After we were full we decided to go ahead and take a few.
 This wooden canoe was in the restaurant.  The pictures just don't do it justice.  It was beautiful.  The workmanship on this canoe was amazing.  It was about  10 ft long.
We are back at the rv park listening again to the rain.  I don't know what we will do tomorrow.  If the weather is not too bad we will move on down the road.  If it is, there are some things we could do and see around here.  I don't know how far Plains, GA. is from here.  Jimmy Carter's peanut farm is there.  Well it's something...