Friday, April 18, 2014

Charleston and Statesboro, SC

Since I am behind I will start with yesterday.  Libbie and I drove into Statesboro to do some shopping and take a look around.  We had lunch at a small deli on Main St. called 40 East Grill.  We had hamburgers and they were delicious!

This was a very pretty town that I am sure had a lot more to see and do but we just didn't have the time.

 City Hall was too big and I was too close to get a picture as close as I was so .... it's sideways. lol
Now on to today...
We wound up in Charleston, SC  today instead of Savannah.  We are at Lake Aire RV Park.  It was the only place we could find open in either city.  We didn't think about it being Easter weekend.  Theparks are all full.
 The sites are grassy and not really a site at all.  But the ground seems solid.  I hope so because it has started raining again and we are under a flash flood watch.
 The office and area seem nice enough.  They offer Good Sam and Passport America discounts.  Cost with PPA discount is $25.75 night and with GS its $32.40 night.  Usually you get sites for 1/2 price with PPA so I am not sure why this one isn't.  It could be because they gave a discount for 3 nights and usually PPA is for 1 or 2 nights only.
The rain is suppose to last thru tomorrow.  It has followed us everywhere we have been.  I sure hope it ends soon.  I love sleeping in the motorhome with the rain falling but during the day, I would like to have some sunshine so I can see Charleston without having to dodge the rain and mud puddles.