Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bulow Plantation RV Resort

Yesterday morning early Mike and Kaitlyn came by the RV to see us before we left.  They were here for a wedding that was at Savannah Fountain.  It was good to see them.  They are both so busy that we don't see them often enough.  Of course they really didn't come to see us, they came to meet Buddy!  Buddy was a hit of course.

After a much needed visit we both were on our way.  They were headed to Pensacola Beach for a much needed vacation and us to Bulow RV Resort.  
We arrived before the storms thank goodness.  We even had time to set up and almost go eat supper.  Unfortunately it hit while we were gone.  All we got was very heavy rain.  Buddy wasn't too happy about being left alone in the motorhome while the storm was raging, but at least he didn't eat the window coverings trying to get out. (Our dog Muffie ate all the blinds in our travel trailer years ago when she was alone and a storm blew in.)  I must admit that that rain hitting the roof of an RV can be load at times and I am sure that is scary for a dog.  I like hearing the rain hit the roof.  It's good sleeping weather. But I can't imagine what goes through a dog's mind when all of a sudden it sounds like his head is in a trash can and someone is beating on it.  LOL  Well it isn't' that loud, but to them it is.  
The sites are natural, in other words, no concrete pads.  These hook ups were together so we had to park opposite each other.
This is our view out the front window!  This was a plantation years ago and the beauty is still there.
This is to the east of our site.  The grounds are well kept.  Being a Florida campground we see a lot of people wintering here.  So there are some full time folks living here.  I think that is a sign of the times also. 
It looks like we might have some more rain this afternoon.  So we are going to head to Daytona Beach this morning.  
Speaking of bad weather.  My prayers are with those in Arkansas that lost family members and homes.  The town of Vilonia has been hit so very hard.  They were just recovering from a tornado that destroyed a lot of this community a year or so ago.  The new school was to be dedicated this fall and it is gone again.  This storm traveled through other states and caused loss of life and home.  Keep these people in your thoughts and prayers as they try to recover.
I am truly blessed.

On another note, I was reading some of the blogs that I like to read and was very interested in "square groupers".  Have you ever heard of such.  I hadn't til I read Karen's post this morning.  Her and Al are in the Keys living the good life.  Read her blog and find out about square groupers. LOL