Sunday, April 20, 2014

A trip to Edisto Island and the Atlantic Ocean

We took a trip to see the Atlantic today.  I haven't ever seen the Atlantic and was quite excited about seeing it.  I thought it was 10-15 miles down the road from us.  I was wrong.  Had we gone into Charleston it would have been.  But no, we went to see Edisto Island, 36 miles away.  I was so disappointed that I had forgotten my camera.  I wanted pictures of this first sight.  Was I disappointed?  Yes twice.  The Atlantic at least on this island is dirty and brown.  The sand is brown and the only redeeming part of it was that there were shells everywhere.  Big shells, little shells, white ones, black ones and huge black mother of pearl looking ones.  I did pick up some interesting looking ones and I will take pictures of them and post them tomorrow.  I also found what I think is some dead sponge and small pieces of driftwood.  I thought they would look good in my rock garden at home, so of course I brought that back too.
There were some beautiful homes built on the beach but I am afraid that I would never want to own one of them because of the water. YUK!  What can you do on this beach? I wouldn't want to walk on it because of the large amount of shells.  I wouldn't swim in it because it's so brown you couldn't see the shark that was about to eat you. The water was so rough you couldn't even stand in it.  Give me the beautiful waters of Destin, FL. any day!
Since this trip was so far that's all we did today.  When we got back we fixed tacos and cheese dip for supper.  Oh well...maybe the water will be prettier on one of the other beaches.  Libbie and I are trying to talk the guys into taking a boat tour.  It advertises that it takes you to 75 of the most popular points of interest.  Hopefully if we go, I will remember my camera.
Happy Easter!
Rejoice, He lives!