Saturday, April 26, 2014

A first look at downtown Savannah

We drove into downtown Savannah today to get a quick look.
Some of the buildings reminded me of Charleston. There is a lot of beauty here just as in Charleston. They are the same but different.  LOL   The same in that there is so much history here.  There is beautiful architecture in both cities.  But Savannah seems to have more downtown parks.  There are parks on what seemed like every block or two.  Every neighborhood had its own park.
There are beautiful homes scattered everywhere you look.
Some of the homes have been turned into businesses, yet they still look like private homes.

There are some beautiful churches here also.
We drove down to the River walk. The curved cobblestone road down to River Rd. was very pretty.
 The waving lady is there at the coast waiting for her sailor to return.
The Old Pink House Restaurant and Tavern.
Tomorrow we are going to ride the Orange and Green trolley.  It is 90 min. tour of the historic downtown area with the ability to step off and shop and get back on as many times are you would like.  It looks like another great day in the making!