Monday, April 28, 2014

A day at Hilton Head Island

Today we went to Hilton Head Island.  Libbie and I tried to get the boys to stay there a couple of days but they weren't interested.  After looking at the Motor
coach RV resort, I think they wished they had given in to us.
I loved the sites here, I could live here full time!

The hard part would be picking the site.
After leaving the Resort, we went to see the Atlantic Ocean.  My first look at the Atlantic was not very impressive.  The water was so muddy, I was afraid it all was going to look like that.
The beach at Hilton Head was much prettier.  Of course, it isn't the gulf, but it was pretty.  The water was a green blue and clean.  The sand was more gray but it was clean.

Even Buddy liked this beach better than the last.

Libbie taking a picture of Jim and Rusty.  I am so happy that the beach looks better.  Can't wait to see what it looks like at Daytona!  
We leave this beautiful place tomorrow.  I recommend this rv park.  It's nothing fancy but it's clean and beautiful.  There is a pool for swimming and a pond for fishing so everyone should be happy.  We head south tomorrow.  The adventure continues!