Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Cruise on the Carolina Belle

Yesterday we didn't do very much so I didn't post.  We just went into camping world and hung around the campground.

Our excitement for the day was having a class A get stuck in the site next to Jim.  They used a Jeep with a hemi to pull it out.  I hope it doesn't rain at least a day or two before we leave so we can get out.

Jim cooked lunch outside.  It was one of the first really nice days to be outside. Even Buddy enjoyed laying around in the sun and cool breeze.

I never can remember to take a picture of our food before we start eating.  We are always too hungry I guess.  Here is a pic of Doug's brat before he ate it all.  LOL

Today we went back into Charleston and took the Carolina Belle tour cruise.  I wish I could remember everything he told us.  Our narrator was very informative.
                                This is Fort Sumter.  It originally had walls 50' high around it.
The gray black walls almost looked like a ship to me.  You can take a water taxi to the fort and look around.

This was another fort, but I can't remember which one.  There were forts everywhere in the harbor.  Our guide said they were laid out like a baseball field with Fort Sumter being home plate.  There is a fort at 1st, 2nd and 3rd base, if you can picture it in your mind.

Then you come around to the Isle of Palms. (I think that is what this was) Anyway this neighborhood that you are looking at, ranks in the top 10% of most expensive homes in America.   Don't guess I will look for a beachfront home there.
We had this big freighter go by us.  It was carrying thousands of BMW's.

To show you just how big it was, see the boat behind it?.. That boat was the same size as the one we were on.  Looks awful little doesn't it.
Notice the skyline of Charleston.  There are no skyscrapers.  City ordinance states you can't build a building any taller than the tallest church steeple.
The beautiful and 2 1/2 mile long bridge.
It really is a pretty bridge.  There is an elevator in the concrete triangles so that maintenance can be done.  There is enough concrete in those towers to build a 2 lane highway from Charleston to Atlanta.

The USS Yorktown is in the harbor also.  You can tour it along with a submarine and a cruiser.

These are some shots of the Carolina Belle and her captain.
From there we went to Hyman's Seafood for supper.  We got there at just the right time.  We were seated immediately.  See all the people standing around.  They are waiting to be seated.  I took this picture as we were leaving.

Some shots inside.  And of course I forgot to take a picture of the food before we started eating. But I did get one before it was all gone.  I must say I had the best crab cake I have ever eaten.
                                                 Crab cake, shrimp and flounder.
                                               Crispy fried whole flounder
                                           Crab cake, carolina jerk shrimp, squash casserole and shrimp and grits.  I                  almost missed the picture of the shrimp and grits.
fish and chips
This is what Doug's flounder looked like after he finished it.  lol
 As we were leaving we looked in the window and you could see in the kitchen.  Here is some of the fresh catch they were serving.

And a couple of the cooks showing off for us.  
We had a great day, the weather was perfect for us.  Hoping for a good one tomorrow.