Friday, April 25, 2014

A beautiful day to arrive at Red Gate campground

We arrived at Red Gate around noon and got set up pretty quickly.  This is a very neat and quiet campground.
While we ate lunch, Buddy decided to do some serious camping outside.  This traveling is hard on him (he slept the whole way).
Buddy and I decided to take a walk around to see just what this campground looked like.  The first thing we came to was the Club House. I didn't go in since Buddy was with me.  I will go inside later.
There is a large pond behind it.  On the back side of the club house is a large porch with tables and a swing.
Another view further down of the pond.  Those are covered swings and a dock in the far background.  You can fish these ponds but they say wear ankle boots as there are snakes and gators around it.  
                                               A family of geese live there on the pond also.  

                                            And one lone duck!
This shaggy pony had the run of the place.  I am not sure if he was suppose to or not.  He definitely needs a good brushing.  He was a very fuzzy pony for the winter!
There were some horses (that were actually inside the fence) and places to put your horse if you are traveling with one.
                                                      We came across some goats too.
 There was a huge barn but it seems that they are remodeling it to be used for weddings instead.

The grounds are very pretty and some of these trees are huge.

                They don't appear as large as they are.  The limbs on this tree are as large as some trees!

                                                      I bet the guys will be fishing soon! Later