Sunday, February 9, 2014

Brrrrr It's Cold!

Last week we had ice.  It wasn't bad.  In fact it was very pretty. Just way too cold.  We have had record lows.  It really is time to head south.  But just how far south would we have to go?  The florida panhandle has had record lows also.  This is some crazy weather.
It didn't last long and was soon gone and the weather warmed up for a couple of days.  These pictures of the ice were taken on 2-4-14.
This morning we woke up to snow.  It was suppose to be just a dusting but we got 5 inches.
It didn't snow anymore today and actually warmed to above freezing but not enough to melt all this snow.
This is Buddy our rescue.  He was enjoying running in the snow.  The horse, Dixie, wasn't so sure about it.  She would walk real slow looking and sniffing at it and then would stop and paw at the snow.  It was real funny watching her
               Betsy was snuggled up under the cover, but I think that she is ready to head south too!
                              Here is another picture of Buddy running in the snow.    He is a mess!
                                    This is my artsy fartsy shot of the snow with a sepia tone.
We are under a winter weather watch now.  We aren't as prepared for snow here in the south as they are in the north.  It doesn't take much to shut everything down around here.  Maybe they will be wrong on the forecast.  They are a lot.  lol
On a different note, my washer went out and it was only 3 years old.  Luckily it was under warranty.  It was going to cost more than the washer was worth to fix it so Lowe's gave me back every penny I spent on the washer.  I ordered a Whirlpool Duet.  I also got the matching dryer.  I didn't need one but I wanted one that would be at the same height as the washer.  I also got the drawers to go under them.  It will be easier on my old back.  They will be delivered on Friday.
There is just too much work to be done around here.  We need to paint the interior house,  remodel the bathroom and put a shower in the place of the tub and remodel the kitchen.  All this is in preparation for selling the house.  This is just too much work.  I think it's time to travel.  Too much work here.  Yep, I need to start looking at campgrounds and routes... Let's think warm!