Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Anyone out there???

I was reading the blogs that I follow just now and learned some new information that I thought I would share.  I have been trying to learn to drive the motorhome because: 1. I want to. 2. I think it's a good idea for both us to be able to drive this thing and 3.  Someday I might HAVE to drive it and I need to know how.  Well I do a great job of driving it straight. lol I have no problems backing it up and parking it. I have no problems turning left.  Turning right is a different story.  The last time I drove out of the drive way I thought I had turned the dang thing over because I turned right too sharp and the back wheels went into the ditch (just a little).  I am in there screaming (no one else was in the MH). I guess I thought that would help.  Anyway, I am no good at right turns and now they scare me.  In the blog today from Karen and Al, she mentioned and showed a link for Lazy Days driving course. It is here.
I watched this and some of the other videos that they have on driving your RV and I think this is a very helpful site.  If we are ever close to a Lazy Days, I would really like to take one of their driving courses.  I have been to their site before and have seen a lot of helpful ideas.  Check this site out.  It's neat.  You also might want to check out Travels with Karen and Al.  She has a very good blog. Her blog is listed in blogs I follow on the left.
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