Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Anyone out there???

I was reading the blogs that I follow just now and learned some new information that I thought I would share.  I have been trying to learn to drive the motorhome because: 1. I want to. 2. I think it's a good idea for both us to be able to drive this thing and 3.  Someday I might HAVE to drive it and I need to know how.  Well I do a great job of driving it straight. lol I have no problems backing it up and parking it. I have no problems turning left.  Turning right is a different story.  The last time I drove out of the drive way I thought I had turned the dang thing over because I turned right too sharp and the back wheels went into the ditch (just a little).  I am in there screaming (no one else was in the MH). I guess I thought that would help.  Anyway, I am no good at right turns and now they scare me.  In the blog today from Karen and Al, she mentioned and showed a link for Lazy Days driving course. It is here.
I watched this and some of the other videos that they have on driving your RV and I think this is a very helpful site.  If we are ever close to a Lazy Days, I would really like to take one of their driving courses.  I have been to their site before and have seen a lot of helpful ideas.  Check this site out.  It's neat.  You also might want to check out Travels with Karen and Al.  She has a very good blog. Her blog is listed in blogs I follow on the left.
If you read my blog, please leave a comment.  I would love to hear from you.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Nothing going on... just cold weather and lazy days

We left Tunica on Jan 2nd.  This was the longest we have ever stayed at the Hollywood.  It was a nice and quiet place to stay.  We didn't go to the casino but a few times the whole time we were there.  We ate there more than anything else.  It's just a nice CHEAP place to stay when you just want to get away.  I went into Southaven to shop once.  It is a nice place with everything you would want to find without going into Memphis.  When we got home and I was unloading everything I found my camera in my purse.  All that time I thought I had left it and it was in my purse all the time.  The reason I never saw it is that I never carried my purse anywhere the entire time we were gone.  I have a habit of taking a small Coach wrist bag with me if I carry anything.  It is small but will hold my phone, keys and small card case I use.  Hanging off my wrist I am not as likely to leave it laying on the floor somewhere.  I am terrible about that plus I hate carrying a purse.
Found this pic of Buddy on my phone. We were on the way home.  He hates sitting in my lap.  But I think he was enjoying himself.  He looks like he was about to go to sleep!  
Nope!  He is showing me his one blue eye!  I see you!

Doug is having trouble with his cornea transplant again.  We will go to the doctor tomorrow to see what they will do about the infection he has.  I hope his body isn't trying to reject it again.  We have gone through this before and they fixed it.  Let's hope they can do that again.